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Ryuho x Mimori Lovers

Ryuho x Mimori
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Welcome to ryumim. This is a community devoted to the pairing of Ryuho/Mimori from the animanga series s.CRY.ed (Scryed). RyuMim is for short. All fans of this pairing are welcomed to join if they like.

1-- Be kind to all the members. In other words: treat people the way you want to be treated.
2-- No flaming please. It's rude. Constructive criticism is always welcomed though.
3-- Please use lj-cuts when posting fan work, fan fiction, large image files, and other things of that nature. Use cuts especially if the fan work has a rating "R" or higher.
4-- When posting please post about the pairing itself or either of the characters. C'mon people, stay on topic.
5-- Please do not post Japanese fan art here. A link to the website where the art can be found is recommended instead.
6-- If you are unsure about anything please ask a mod or admin.
7-- Use Common Sense, please, people.
8-- Community pimping is allowed. (As long as it relates to s.CRY.ed or this pairing. Anything else will land you a warning.)
9-- Most importantly: Have fun.

*If you fail to follow any of the rules you will be warned. If you do it again you will be warned once more and banned for a week. If it happens for a final time you will be banned forever. You may see this as being strict, but these rules really aren't that hard to follow.

All members are allowed to post here at this community. Newbie and introduction posts are always welcomed. Fan works for the pairing are welcomed as well. Things such as fan art, fan fiction, icons, banners, essays, images, and color bars are greatly encouraged. (Sharing is caring after all. :D) Discussion starters are also welcomed. Just make sure it's all on topic. Remember to use LJ-cuts.

-Rating & Warnings
-Work (fan art, fanfic, icons, color bars, etc.)

*The fan work it self should be placed behind an lj-cut.

Yes, this community will hold monthly discussions centering around the member's thoughts about this pairing. There hasn't been any so far, though. We hope to start very soon.

Ryuho & Mimori 20 Themes Challenge - Complete this challenge by creating a different fan work for each theme. (Moderated by: cheese_cakes)

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The Pendant: Ryuhou/Mimori C2 Community
Memories: Directory for this community

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